The Phepha Recycling team has been in operation since 1984

Present Exchanges

We exchange your paper, your plastic and your glass
Individual persons with small (1kg+) or large quantities of recyclable materials, usually brought on site. Your rate of exchange is higher on delivered material as we don't have the costs associated with collection. Ideal income supplement for community projects or that sole trader that has a regular supply of packaging materials through his main business, and has a mode of transport.

On site . . . 2011 to date When the Phepha Recycling team purchased the leased premises(see Past Exchanges), it enabled them to do the structural changes required to keep with one of their key philosophies since the beginning -

Keep it clean
They focused on specific key operational elements to ensure a pleasant and smooth exchange
☻ Customer accessibility
☻ Accurate transaction flow
☻ Proficient facilities

Customer accessibility
Where the rubber hits the tarmac is more important to our trolley traders than to those with motorised transport. Clean, smooth surface flow, open space for large vehicles and easy plant access for all size vehicles and trailers (a trolley being a trailer) was put into place.

Accurate transaction flow
With the refurbishment of the plants and premises came the time for systems upgrades. Electronic systems were implemented and database linked. Our systems allow for accurate historical data as well as current transactions.

Proficient facilities
Efficient business flow requires that personnel have the means and facilities to perform at their best. This meant creating onsite, fully fitted changing rooms and an equipped canteen. This also means the equipment needs to be in peak condition. Our maintenance division ensures minimal down time on mechanical equipment and vehicles.
Businesses that have small and large quantities of recyclable materials. Typically, trading happens through our exchange's drive-thru or collection service. At a quick glance (amongst others)

Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia.

Retail stores
Pick n Pay, Clicks, Mr Price, Game, Woolworths, Checkers, Pep Stores, Spar, Edgars, Incredible Connection, Hi Fi Corp.

Shopping centres, body corporates, manufacturing plants and other recycling exchanges. Various business where packaged goods are unpacked.
See our drive-thru page for on site details. See our collections page for specific details regarding the interchange of bins and cages, or collection of bailed material on one of our flatbeds.

. . . sustaining development . . .
Throughout our years of business we have assisted numerous independent entrepreneurs in expanding their operations.

Reduce and Reuse Packaging, specialising in reuseable K4 boxes, is a current example. We originally met William, owner, when he approached us in 2014 to draw stock from our operation. At that time, with no employees nor storage space, we respected his determination to build a successful business and offered him some of our internal warehouse space, for the stock he would draw. We later assisted him in his growing transport needs.

William is now independently on our premises with his own warehouse, staff and vehicles. His ongoing enthusiasm has ensured ongoing success.With a 100% BBBEE compliancy rating, Mr William Lebese can be contacted on cell number 078 477 6144 or email reusewilliam@gmail.com.